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Angela (To Contact Angela Click Here)
Location: Austin, USA 
Zip: 78729
Monthly Rent: $443
Available: Now

Room Information

Angela is seeking: a Male OR Female roommates
Pets are: NOT accepted
Smokers are: NOT accepted
Lease is: yearly
Security deposit is: required
Public transportation is: available
Room is: NOT furnished
Room does: have a private bathroom

Comments From Angela

I am a single mom of a 7 year old boy. We live in Northwest Austin and are seeking a new roommate from 3/1 to 11/27/15. We live on the 2nd floor in a 2b/2b apartment in a corner unit. The apt is clean and tidy, has brand new carpet, and also has a big patio where we store our plants.

I am looking to split rent and bills (water, electric, and internet). There would also be an application fee for the apartments, which is $50. The master bedroom is available, it has a separate bathroom and vanity with a walk-in closet. The apartment is furnished except for the master bedroom (11x10)

About us:

I love to cook and try new foods, we are mostly vegetarian but not picky about meat-eaters. I’ve been known to throw down on the grill at times, veggies, but I still throw down! Cook what you like, as long as you clean up!! Elijah is pretty cool, he likes to read, draw, and play minecraft. For the most part we try to be quiet in the house and don’t get too rambunctious. Elijah will have a friend over from time to time and will play outside with friends so there is the occasional open/shut door thing happening but we are working on it. I told him he will have to use his allowance to pay for my electric bill...he’s starting to get the point. :)

A little about what we are looking for:

Someone who enjoys kids

Someone with a full time job

No alcohol or drugs allowed in the house

Someone who is tidy and cleans up after themselves. (Kids can be messy and there is clutter at times but I need to know that I don’t have to pick up after anybody else).

Someone who enjoys a quiet home. (No parties at the house or bringing home a lot of friends. I don’t mind a good friend here or there as long as they can respect the rules. My sister comes over a lot, she is a plant loving hippie and likes to sing/talk. We can be a little weird but still inviting! )

I’m all about respecting each other’s personal space and coexisting.

Average Bills: Water: $25 Electric: $125 Internet: $25)

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